About Us

Some of life's fondest memories are made at the beach. Sun kissed skin, sand everywhere, bikini on.

We want your memories to be long lasting and filled with laughter, and we want you to do so, in style.

 TINT isn't just about the swimwear, it's about the memories. TINT isn't just about the swimwear, it's about the environment in which you make these memories. That’s why we have combined all these elements to create the perfect bikini for you. One that combines the environment, the memories and the bikini all in one.

 Born in the UK and produced in Portugal, TINT swimwear prides itself on being sustainable, as we encourage young women to make a conscious effort and buy more eco-friendly products. Purchasing sustainable products enables us to get closer to making the world a better place and allows us to continue making lasting memories.

 TINT strives to spread awareness of sustainability through its authentic nature and passion for the future of our world.

Together we can make a difference. Together we can make memories. Together we can TINT the world.


Follow our movement @tintswimwear, and join our social media campaigns through our hashtag #TINTYOURSUMMER and share your positive vibes with us!